Tuesday, July 28, 2015

lol, Mark Zuckerberg's cumdumpster = TTT UCSF med school?

Date: July 28th, 2015 12:14 PM
Author: .,.,...,;..,.,.,:,,:,...,:::,.,.,:,,,.:.,:.,:.::,.

Priscilla Chan, 27, unlike some of her equals in social status here (among them Mr. Zuckerberg’s colorful sister Randi), eschews the Silicon Valley limelight. Recently graduated from the medical school at the University of California, San Francisco, she plans to become a pediatrician.


Damn, when you factor in the Zuck-factor, she must really be a moron if UCSF was the best she could get.


Monday, July 27, 2015

A day in the life of Donald Trump's America

A day in the life of Donald Trump's America.

Date: July 27th, 2015 11:35 AM
Author: U.S v. Seven RCP-90s and a Golden Gun

6:00 AM: Your teenage son is getting in from his paper route he works 3 times a week. Given the lack of illegal labor, the demand for these jobs is filled by young people looking for some extra cash. Plus the bike route works his legs, which helped him earn that football scholarship to Auburn next fall to bang hot SEC chicks.

6:15 AM: You awake to a fresh cup of coffee, k-cups from your local CostCo average at about 8 cents a cup since Coffee producers are striving for the best deal with importers, lest they face the wrath of a 50% protective tariff.

6:45 AM: You get ready to write a check for your daughter's student loan payment, but it's not needed. The competitive labor force has forced equal pay for men and women and rather than having to room with an Elliot to make rent, she controls her own financial future and makes reasonable payments for her loans. She dates a nice Midwestern boy. You've already talked to him about what your daughter likes and he tells you, "Sir, I just want to make your daughter happy."

7:30 AM: Your wife sends you off to work after a breakfast of bacon and eggs. Recently you've been able to go to a single income, so she can maintain the house and kids. She also has time to workout during the day, she's dropped 15 pounds. You're actually late, but damn, the sex has never been better and she has never looked finer.

9:00 AM: You enjoy morning coffee with John, Tom, and Bill. Your portfolio filled with defense stocks rallied overnight amid news that the good boys at Blackwater have seized another oil field from ISIS. Trump intends to pump it out of the ground and ship it to the USA.

12:30 PM: Power lunch with the boss. You're served by a nice young college lady, again these jobs are no longer filled by illegal labor. You tip generously and enjoy the fresh grass-fed American beef that has become much cheaper as a result of Trump's economic policies. Ribeye pairs nicely with the inexpensive, but premium, California wine.

5:30 PM: You're home where your wife has prepared cornish game hens for dinner. Your son asks if he can get you a beer but he's going out tonight. Only so many times he gets to bang the head cheerleader before he heads off to Auburn. Thomas Smith, your landscaper, left a note appreciating your tip last week.

8:00 PM: You watch the news. China is in revolt and Iran, now a peaceful democracy thanks to a CIA funded revolution thought of by Trump, announces the death of 3 more leaders of ISIS. Young Iranians fly American flags in the streets and the new alliance, while fledgling, looks promising. POTUS Trump is in Russia where he has made an ally of Putin in their quest against Islamism. Syria quakes.

11:00 PM: Before retiring, your wife lets you finally try that thing you've always wanted to do since you just pulled in a big bonus. You sleep soundly and write your check for Trump's re-election campaign. To be picked up by your postman, Robert, the next day.


Monday, July 20, 2015

RATE the West Village apt of 22-yo JAP blogger making $30k/year

RATE the West Village apt of 22-yo JAP blogger making $30k/year 

Date: July 20th, 2015 7:06 PM
Author: ,.,...,..,.,.,:,.,:;,......:,..,;.:.,:.::,.

she is a foodie blogger:



Libs are completely terrified of Trump

 Libs are completely terrified of Trump

Date: July 20th, 2015 9:51 AM
Author: henderson

they are so riled up they literally cannot stop making the same threads over and over in which they merely post one tired ad hom after another. they're smugly quoting shitty reptile politicians at this point. it's like watching rats furiously scurrying around a sinking ship


Sunday, July 19, 2015

The McCain fuckup is Exhibit A as to why Trump can't be President

The McCain fuckup is Exhibit A as to why Trump can't be President

Date: July 19th, 2015 10:22 PM
Author: Congolese Space Rat in a Cage (Guys at my..)

I can't imagine what types of other fuckups he would have because of his talk first, think later, mode of operating if you gave him four years in the White House....and those fuckups would be a much bigger deal


Is Indian pussy the hardest for a white guy to get?

Is Indian pussy the hardest for a white guy to get?

Date: July 19th, 2015 2:21 PM
Author: '''""''"'''"'

I have never banged an Indian chick, but I have only talked to a handful and most were hideous. I always wanted to do it though, since it seems like a challenge.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

How anal sex ruined my relationship

 How analsex ruined my relationship

Date: July 12th, 2015 10:42 PM
Author: Jiggery-Pokery

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m at the W Hotel in Manhattan with a boyfriend I’ll call Liam. We’ve been together for over a year, and this is the moment I’ve been waiting for my whole life: He’s going to propose.The night so far has been perfect. We’ve just come back from a party. The champagne arrives from room service in a silver bucket. Liam hands me a glass. His piercing green eyes and jet-black hair are striking against his white tux. He motions for me to sit next to him on the bed. “I want to ask you something,” he says. My heart is pounding as I stare at the twinkling Manhattan skyline.I stick my hand under the pillow, because I always imagined that when a man proposed, he’d hide the velvet box there, like an adult version of the tooth fairy. But there’s nothing under the pillow. It’s probably in his pocket. I sip my champagne and try to calm down.


Sunday, July 5, 2015