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Rate the Craziness of this Chick I pounded for only 3 nights

Date: June 15th, 2015 2:28 PM
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and then she got really weird and possessive. I stopped talking to her or responding to her.

Pics for Reference:

Texts exhibiting craziness:

Marry or run away as fast as I can?

I'm an average looking 42 yo that is not yet divorced.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

lying Columbia mattress girl's MOMMY Dr. Sandra Leong praises Emma's rapeporno

Date: June 13th, 2015 3:15 PM
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If you thought Emma Sulkowicz, aka “mattress girl,” releasing a pornographic video of her having sex in a “reenactment” of her alleged rape was weird, the story just got weirder.

When it was released, Emma’s mother, Sandra Leong, took to her personal Facebook page to promote the “performance piece.”

The website hosting the video of her daughter reenacting her alleged rape by having actual sex on camera with someone Emma described as an actor had problems, but is now working again. Upon hearing that, mother Sandra returned to Facebook to draw attention back to the sex tape.

Leong has taken to her Facebook page regularly to praise and draw attention to her daughter’s “performance piece.”


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Friday, June 12, 2015

If you woke up in 1500, how much of modernity could you recreate?

If you woke up in 1500, how much of modernity could you recreate?

Date: June 12th, 2015 11:30 PM
Author: checking okcupid in between sets at the gym

I don't think I would be able to shift up humanity's timeline by much, to be honest.

Perhaps I could try to explain a steam engine or even combustion engine to someone with the skills to try to build one. I suppose I could introduce the scientific method a bit early? If the engine worked I could probably fast track flight. Maybe early knowledge of geography would be advantageous. Realistically though, I'd be burnedatthestake-pwned before any lasting impact.


DESCRIBE your worst one night stand experience

 DESCRIBE your worst one night stand experience

Date: June 12th, 2015 1:34 PM
Author: ,.,...,..,.,.,:,,:,.,.,::.,:,.,.:.:.,:.::,.

Date: June 12th, 2015 1:39 PM
Author: Eero Saarinen

Bought one from Ikea and it was missing a few screws and the instructions were very unclear


Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Muslim Lawyer Refuses to Choose Between a Career and a Head Scarf

A Muslim Lawyer Refuses to Choose Between a Career and a Head Scarf

Date: June 7th, 2015 3:25 PM
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How brave!


Daily California scrubs anti-Islam Op-Ed ["On Leaving Islam" by Shanzeh Khurram] "due to safety concerns"

Date: June 7th, 2015 2:00 PM
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Original text

On leaving Islam
Unveiling Islam

By Shanzeh Khurram | Staff

If someone had told me six years ago that I would leave Islam and end up an atheist, I would never have believed him.

I was born and raised as a Muslim. I grew up in a Muslim country — Pakistan — surrounded by other Muslims who were convinced that their religion was the one true religion. My family, in particular, followed moderate Sunni Islam, which is a more liberal approach based on the “Sunnah,” or Prophet’s teachings. That was the path I set out on. But now, as a Muslim apostate and atheist, my journey couldn’t have led me any further from what I once knew to be true.

Until I was 14, I simply accepted everything I’d been told about Islam. I was taught that being born into a Muslim family is a blessing and is the greatest gift that Allah can bestow upon someone. I initially thought the Sunni path I followed was the one true path, just like my Shia, Bori and Ismaili friends adhered to the teachings of the sects their families followed. I noticed how everyone around me claimed to have a monopoly on the truth, which made me question who was actually right. I started to view Islam — and religion in general — as something dogmatic, irrational, unscientific and, most of all, completely sexist.

A feminist since age 10, it’s always been hard for me to reconcile my feminism with my faith. Even though the Pakistani society in which I grew up was sexist, my family has always been very progressive. As a result, I never accepted the male superiority and traditional gender roles that were part of my society. For most of my teen years, I felt torn apart by my contradictory beliefs. On one hand, I was a radical feminist who supported gay rights. But on the other hand, I was a practicing Muslim whose religion was clearly homophobic and placed men above women.

At that point, I still believed in an all-knowing God, and I felt that if I learned more about Islam, I would be able to understand why it stated the things it did. I read the Quran with translation and countless books on Islamic jurisprudence. I started taking classes at Zaynab Academy and Al-Huda, two traditional Islamic organizations. The Islam they preached was not the liberal, fluid Islam of my parents: Instead, it followed the Quran very rigidly. While the moderate Muslims I knew never encouraged hijab or gender segregation, these institutions differed in their views. I started to follow a more ritualistic Islam, going as far as giving up listening to music and wearing the hijab.

Stifled by orthodox Islam, I decided to turn to a more liberal approach. I embraced Sufism, which is the mystical side of Islam, and began to see God as an entity of love. Feminist scholars, such as Amina Wadud and Leila Ahmed, gave me a glimmer of hope that Islam and feminism could be compatible, although I later found their arguments very selective. On the other extreme, I read writers such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, another ex-Muslim atheist, whose harsh criticism of Islam was not always justified.

After trying to understand Islam through a plurality of perspectives — orthodox, feminist, Sufi and liberal approaches — I decided to leave Islam, but by that point, I had realized that I didn’t need to look at things as black and white. I could leave Islam without dismissing it or labeling it as wrong.

Going through all of these versions of Islam has enabled me to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the religion. Islam is no monolith, and with more than 1.5 billion followers, it’s impossible to refer to Islam as a single entity. There are Muslim women who cover every inch of their bodies except for their eyes, and there are also Muslim women who wear short skirts. With so much variation amongst Muslims, it’s hard to determine who really gets to speak for Islam.

Despite being one of the fastest-growing religions in the world, Islam is still extremely misrepresented and shrouded with stereotypes. I want to address these stereotypes and portray Islam in all its diversity. I’ve experienced the religion firsthand and have also viewed it as an objective bystander. I probably spend more time thinking about God than most religious people; despite my skepticism, I’ve always yearned for a spiritual connection. I want to share what I’ve learned about Islam over the years. I plan to defend it and give credit where it’s due — Islam, after all, gave women the right to work and own property back in the seventh century — and I also plan to ruthlessly point out areas that need reform (yes, Islam does allow men to have four wives and sex slaves).

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Islam, it’s that my former religion, just like any other ideology, has its flaws. Religion should not be immune to criticism. It’s important to have an honest dialogue about religion and identify what can be improved — and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

Shanzeh Khurram writes the Friday blog on feminism and religion. You can contact her at


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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dani Marrero does NOT like guac

Date: May 6th, 2015 2:40 PM
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STFU Boston beaneater

Another Cinco de Mayo has already come and gone this week, but not without a Mexican student instructing Americans in USA Today not to celebrate by engaging in racially-offensive activities, such as shortening the word guacamole and purchasing ponchos.

The self-appointed authority on how Americans should conduct themselves while celebrating the highly Americanized Cinco de Mayo holiday is Dani Marrero, a Mexican student who grew up in Texas and currently attends college in Boston.

After criticizing American versions of salsa (“just smashed tomatoes and disappointment”) and accusing Americans of using May 5 each year as “an excuse for excessive drinking and cultural appropriation,” Marrero tells readers to avoid “four activities” during their “fiestas” — a word she continually puts in quotes, as if Americans don’t know how to throw a rollicking party.

“Don’t buy sombreros, ponchos or fake mustaches” is Marrero’s first proclamation. “We have said time and time again,” she writes, speaking for 122.3 million Mexicans and some 12.5 Mexican immigrants. “Our culture is not for you to create costumes out of.”

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Daniella Marrero, Daniella Marrero, Daniella Marrero


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Emma Sulkowicz pornvid electrifies the board

Emma Sulkowicz makes a porno. Hilarity ensues.

I would fuck the shit out of Emma Sulkowicz    06/06/15  (2)
Does Emma Sulkowicz have a "dad bod"?    06/06/15  (5)
/pol/ speaks on emma sulkowicz and shitlibs    06/06/15  (10)
Here's a fully frontal Emma Sulk if you don't want to watch video    06/06/15  (21)
Jezebel feminist pwns male critics of Emma Sulkowicz's video in 1 sentence    06/06/15  (19)
Watched that Emma video. Was fucked up.    06/06/15  (98)
That emma sulkowicz video is hot    06/06/15  (9)
In '90s, this Emma thing would have been weirdest thing ever    06/06/15  (1)
You guys see the Emma Sulkowitz video yet?    06/06/15  (363)
Emma's condition ITT    06/06/15  (1)
Did Emma Sulkowicz expect her pornvid to go THIS public?    06/06/15  (2)
watched emma video. realized im a faggot.    06/06/15  (1)
Srs Q: what do law professors think of Emma Sulkowicz???    06/06/15  (22)
Moar like Emma flapjacktits    06/05/15  (5)
Going home to fire up the Emma video!    06/05/15  (4)
guys guess what emma sulkowicz aka "mattress" girl has a kooky video wherei    06/05/15  (6)
Emma seen swimming in Hudson River, yelling "Call me Captain Sully!"    06/05/15  (1)
Real talk - that BJ Emma gave looked terrible    06/05/15  (2)
What if Emma the poster = real Emma sulkowicz    06/05/15  (6)
missed meme opportunity re: EMMA    06/05/15  (1)
Emma is really the victim in all this (slate)    06/05/15  (1)
Lol at you geeks thinking Emma video dude has big dick    06/05/15  (2)
Emma Sulkowicz needs to check out Miriam Weeks (Belle Knox)    06/05/15  (23)
Emma's Dad: That is just part of the nature of the assignment she chose    06/05/15  (2)
Emma conceived of 'carry that weight' BEFORE alleged rape? (Link    06/05/15  (7)
Paul McCartney suing Emma Sulkowicz for copyright infringement (link)    06/05/15  (2)
Emma's assignment    06/05/15  (1)
Such was the nature of the assignment Emma chose.    06/05/15  (1)
Emma Sulkowicz, LETS FUCKING BASH THESE TITS    06/05/15  (1)
All this EMMA stuff just makes me want to BURN an American FLAG    06/05/15  (53)
explain a man who would rape Emma on camera. what is he thinking    06/05/15  (25)
"Emma, I know this is 'art,' but there are some continuity errors in the script    06/05/15  (2)
that craigslist "actor" gave emma an std    06/05/15  (15)
did emma really need to make an explicit porno to prove her point?    06/05/15  (9)
Havent seen the emma video with sound    06/05/15  (4)
Fuck, bros: Just realized 180 Emma Sulkowicz plot twist.    06/05/15  (18)
Year 2071 A.D. - Emma's Mattress is part of MoMA's permanent exhibit.    06/05/15  (2)
Will Emma sell this video to MoMa? Does MoMa even buy art    06/05/15  (6)
The "Emma's Mattress" Twitter account: a legit source of 180s    06/05/15  (17)
MattressPorn Girl Emma's Facebook is still up?    06/05/15  (1)
Emma looks pretty bad naked    06/05/15  (3)
the emma video ruined my erection    06/05/15  (2) joins the EMMAfray, writes sps article    06/05/15  (7)
Wait... so Emma Sulkowitz is a mentally ill slut?    06/05/15  (1)
Can u fucking imagine being Emma's FATHER?    06/05/15  (3)
Bboom: thoughts on the Emma sex video?    06/05/15  (19)
JEZEBEL poast up on Emma porn    06/05/15  (25)
Breaking: Emma's butt hymen    06/05/15  (5)
why did Emma Sulkowitz guy go pumo    06/05/15  (17)
Hypo: no sex 2 yrs would u bang emma if she came onto u    06/05/15  (2)
Lol @ the guy barely able to pick up Emma's fat ass in the beginning    06/05/15  (4)
bbooom what do you think about emma    06/05/15  (1)
Board gays and bros: rate Emma's art rape partner's COCK    06/05/15  (11)
Was EMMA inspired by the DADBOD article?    06/05/15  (4)
i clicked new message posts earlier and every new post was in the emma thread    06/05/15  (6)
emma's future husband's monkey ancestor is chimping out right now    06/05/15  (1)
burning question: was the guy in the Emma vid a CHAD?    06/05/15  (5)
emma porn? huh? oh youre just finding out about that *now*?    06/05/15  (1)
new emma sulkowitz video is proof all women crave COCK    06/05/15  (9)
so is this when the lib media flushes emma down the memory hole like uva rape an    06/05/15  (1)
Maybe Emma could be Box's replacement    06/05/15  (4)
Emma Sulkowitz poasted?    06/05/15  (7)
Can't believe Emma came on here and posted today    06/05/15  (3)
Media really demanding Emma apologize    06/05/15  (6)
Holy shit Gov Greg Abbott just retweeted the Emma vid tweet! WTF    06/04/15  (4)
Emma Sulkowicz stages video reenactment of her rape    06/04/15  (1)
i saw the emma video thread when it had 20 posts. thought for sure flame    06/04/15  (3)
How selfish of Emma this is CAITLYN'S MOMENT    06/04/15  (2)
let's post requests for the emma sequel video    06/04/15  (1)
worst thing about Emma S. is that she prefers prole, oafish ape dick    06/04/15  (10)
LOL at the 1.38 seconds of pussy eating in the Emma vid    06/04/15  (5)
need johnsmeyer to #EmmaSulkowicz on twitter    06/04/15  (1)
reminder, emma sulkowicz wanted 2 foist a THREE-TIME RAPIST on the general popul    06/04/15  (1)
Posters on Columbia Campus: Emma Sulkowicz = LIAR    06/04/15  (10)
How Emma Sulkowicz Explains Climate Change Deniers (Malcolm Gladwell)    06/04/15  (5)
Not only is Emma Sulkowicz a liar, but she's an idiot
Fat naked bonerdude leaving mattress girls room: Did u want this open or closed?    06/06/15  (23)
Mattress Girl WILL accuse another person of rape    06/06/15  (4)
New Cathy Young Article: Did Mattress Girl Tell the Truth? Not Likely    06/05/15  (8)
guys guess what emma sulkowicz aka "mattress" girl has a kooky video wherei    06/05/15  (6)
i picture george20 as the dude from the mattress girl vid but w/ a tiny dick    06/05/15  (4)
Year 2071 A.D. - Emma's Mattress is part of MoMA's permanent exhibit.    06/05/15  (2)
The "Emma's Mattress" Twitter account: a legit source of 180s    06/05/15  (17)
Was about to jack off to mattress-girl video, but then GF came home :(    06/05/15  (1)
MattressPorn Girl Emma's Facebook is still up?    06/05/15  (1)
Mattress Girl films NSFW "reenactment"    06/05/15  (8)
What is a puppyd00d started humping her mattress?    06/05/15  (1)
Columbia whore carrying mattress gave up her butthold    06/05/15  (166)
Media silence re: Mattress Girl rape video as expected.    06/05/15  (1)
Don't forget to review
   06/05/15  (1)
AutoAdmit literally beat Twitter and every internet site to Mattress Girl story    06/05/15  (4)
Does the mattress make an appearance in the video?    06/04/15  (4)
180 posters put up to gape Columbia mattress girl    06/04/15  (61)
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