Tuesday, May 26, 2015

ANOTHER fakerape accuser: liar Sylvie Krekow

Date: May 26th, 2015 12:07 PM
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BREAKING: GotNews.com IDs Another #FakeRape Accuser, Author of Jezebel Story at Columbia… #EmmaSulkowicz

Meet Sylvie Krekow, the girl who wrote Jezebel’s Anonymous post and who faked yet another rape against Paul Nungesser at Columbia University.

She wrote the following article about how she was allegedly sexually harassed by Nungesser.

It’s anonymous so we decided to name her.

✔ @Jezebel

I am not a "pretty little liar" http://

Krekow works as a producer at NowThis News.

The first mention of Sylvie Krekow is as Josie in this article on a Columbia website.

Note that Sylvie Krekow used to work for BWOG, a student publication of Columbia.

She’s described as a member of Barnard College’s Class of 2013 and as a part of the Alpha Delta Phi Society.

She is most likely one of these four girls: Sylvia Krekow, BC ’13, Jessica Madris BC ’13, Jess Sims, BC ’13, and Molly Speacht, BC ’13. (Speacht shared the Jezebel story on her Facebook page and said that she knew who it was but that it was not her.)

In Krekow’s Jezebel article she describes herself as tall and athletic, a trait that isn’t present in any of the other girls. (Krekow was a rower.)

Krekow also describes wanting to be a writer, again a trait unique to her. Even though Columbia initially found Paul Nungesser responsible Sylvie Krekow withdrew her complaint when he appealed.

“Natalie” was supposedly a long term girlfriend for Paul Nungesser but we have yet to ID her.



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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Columbia University Emma Sulkowicz mattress girl day at Autoadmit!

Damn, this story sure blew up...

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