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180 quote from Greek philosopher re: adulthood and growing up

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How long do you put off thinking yourself worthy of the best things, and never going against the definitive capacity of reason? You have received the philosophical propositions that you ought to agree to and you have agreed to them. Then what sort of teacher are you still waiting for, that you put off improving yourself until he comes? You are not a boy any more, but already a full-grown man. If you now neglect things and are lazy and are always making delay after delay and set one day after another as the day for paying attention to yourself, then without realizing it you will make no progress but will end up a non-philosopher all through life and death. So decide now that you are worthy of living as a full-grown man who is making progress, and make everything that seems best be a law that you cannot go against. And if you meet with any hardship or anything pleasant or reputable or disreputable, then remember that the contest is NOW and the Olympic games are NOW and you cannot put things off any more and that your progress is made or destroyed by a single day and a single action. Socrates became fully perfect in this way, by not paying attention to anything but his reason in everything that he met with. You, even if you are not yet Socrates, ought to live as someone wanting to be Socrates.

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Kiwi Camara retired. What now?

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"Kiwi was a founding partner of Camara & Sibley and is now a retired partner."

This seems to be a recent development.


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RATE Nancy Leong's Instagram (ft. AGWWG, LUXE travel, swimsuit p

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One wonders if her students will ever make the salary needed to live this lifestyle.


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